What We Do

Whether you’re a job seeker looking for a position as a teacher or administrator, or you’re a school district wanting to secure quality teachers for open positions, The LEAD Teacher is the perfect recruiting agency to help you reach your goals.

Job Seekers:

We will help you find a teaching or administrative position that’s the right fit for you. When you work with us, we’ll discuss your skill set as well as your areas of interest. We’ll also assist you with the job application process by:

·       Connecting you directly with employers with our stamp of approval.

·       Providing you with tips to make your resume and cover letter stand out.

·       Giving you interview pointers to impress employers.

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We will find exceptional teaching and administrative candidates to meet your school district’s needs. When you contract with us, rest assured we will find candidates that have the expertise and dedication to support your district’s mission of student success by:

·       Meeting with you to discuss your unique needs.

·       Recruiting and screening quality candidates with our comprehensive process.

·       Referring candidate matches to you that meet your specific needs, including candidates for positions in critical shortage, high-need areas within your district.

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